In October of 2007 in Macedonia, I met two guys I knew of, but had never met, Sigurjon Einarsson, an Icelander and filmmaker, and Morten Harket, a Norwegian and musician.  They had come to Macedonia, to Lake Ohrid to be more precise, so Morten could speak at a conference the Government of Macedonia was hosting, along with UNESCO, on civilizational and religious dialogue.

Over the course of a weekend at the lake, the two men got to know more about Macedonia and the issue which their southern neighbor, Greece, has over their chosen name.  After they left, we stayed in touch and in May of 2008, I ventured to Oslo for the release party of Morten’s second solo album, Letter from Egypt.  We talked some more about Macedonia and Sigurjon thought it would be a splendid idea to make a movie about the whole issue, to “put a spotlight on the issue,” as he simply states.

Fast forward to the end of 2009 and the film – A Name is a Name – is now complete and making its way into the world.  Although I am the producer of the film, it could not have been done without the dedicated work of many talented and professional people in Macedonia and abroad.  Kudos to them and highest respect.

The best way to tell you more about the film, however, is simply to ask you to visit the website, and the Foundation we created which owns the rights to the film,

So please visit.  Tell your friends about it.  Join us on Facebook.  And get involved.  The Macedonians want your help, encouragement, prayers and support.

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