Over the past decade, I’ve written off and on for newspapers and magazines in Macedonia including Dnevnik, Vreme, Nova Makedonija and Forum. From June of 2011, I’ve agreed, once again, to start writing regular weekly columns, this time once again for my friends at Dnevnik.

Though the audience is the Macedonian public – and since my native language is English – these columns will be posted on this website for those inquiring minds who want to know what an American, an Arizonan of Hungarian descent, has to say to the people of Macedonia. My hope is to encourage, enlighten and enliven the Macedonians, and maybe a few others along the way.


The Importance of Life
Published 05.06.2013

Back on Track
Published 06.03.2013

Changes in US Foreign Policy Leadership What Crisis? The Accession Talks Bland
Published 06.02.2013 Published 13.02.2013 Published 20.02.2013 Published 27.02.2013

Merry Christmas! These Facts are Undeniable The Road Ahead Greece does not want a solution Representative Democracy
Published 02.01.2013 Published 09.01.2013 Published 16.01.2013 Published 23.01.2013 Published 30.01.2013

In Praise of Small Businesses Our Roles in Life Living Well The Smile of a Child...
Published 05.12.2012 Published 12.12.2012 Published 19.12.2012 Published 26.12.2012

Demographics, Baby! Bulgaria Disappoints The Macedonian Diaspora The Albanian Flag
Published 07.11.2012 Published 14.11.2012 Published 21.11.2012 Published 28.11.2012

The Ohrid Framework Agreement and Interethnic Relations Twenty Years The Nobel Peace Prize “Esoteric Concepts of Identity” The Secretary
Published 03.10.2012 Published 10.10.2012 Published 17.10.2012 Published 24.10.2012 Published 31.10.2012

Macedonia at 21 The NLA, Reconciliation and.... Repentance The “insult”, what it means and what to do The Ohrid Framework Agreement and Interethnic Relations
Published 05.09.2012 Published 12.09.2012 Published 19.09.2012 Published 26.09.2012

Daniel Serwer Gets It Wrong Greek Lectures and Fantasies Macedonia in my home The NLA and the Ohrid Framework Agreement
Published 08.08.2012 Published 15.08.2012 Published 22.08.2012 Published 29.08.2012

American Independence 16 Redefining the Name Issue Provocations and Insults Ilinden and a Greater Purpose
Published 04.07.2012 Published 11.07.2012 Published 18.07.2012 Published 25.07.2012 Published 31.07.2012

The Break-up of the European Union A Hellish Summer Different Abilities Golf in Macedonia
Published 06.06.2012 Published 13.06.2012 Published 20.06.2012 Published 27.06.2012

NATO - The Chicago Summit and US Policy The Arrests and the Failure Before the NATO Summit After the NATO Summit The Name and the Identity: Where do we go from here?
Published 02.05.2012 Published 09.05.2012 Published 16.05.2012 Published 22.05.2012 Published 30.05.2012

Macedonias friends in the US Congress What is Christianity? Approaching NATO Our Bulgarian Friends
Published 04.04.2012 Published 11.04.2012 Published 18.04.2012 Published 25.04.2012

My Identity Part I My Identity Part II March for Peace How to Achieve Lasting Peace
Published 07.03.2012 Published 14.03.2012 Published 21.03.2012 Published 28.03.2012

Blind National Sovereignty A Failure of Imagination? How to Boil a Frog Boris Trajkovski
Published 01.02.2012 Published 08.02.2012 Published 15.02.2012 Published 22.02.2012 Published 29.02.2012

Merry Christmas! Transgenerational Theft The Individual and the Free Society
Published 04.01.2012 Published 11.01.2012 Published 25.01.2012

The ICJ Decision Christmas and Christianity A Moment in Time
Published 14.12.2011 Published 21.12.2011 Published 28.12.2011

The US Elections The Beginning of the End of Sovereignty The Rosemont Copper Mine and the Veles Smelter Count your Blessings Europe's Troubles
Published 02.11.2011 Published 09.11.2011 Published 16.11.2011 Published 23.11.2011 Published 30.11.2011

Hearing What They Want to Hear Should Macedonia Really Join the EU? Macedonia and the EU “More Europe” and Meanwhile
Published 05.10.2011 Published 12.10.2011 Published 19.10.2011 Published 26.10.2011

Macedonia at 20 Towards 21 The Power of Sport The Prime Minister’s Speech
Published 06.09.2011 Published 14.09.2011 Published 21.09.2011 Published 28.09.2011

The State of the World Ohrid Ten Years On The International Crisis Group Report And the Walls Came Tumbling Down Culture Wars in Macedonia
Published 03.08.2011 Published 10.08.2011 Published 17.08.2011 Published 24.08.2011 Published 31.08.2011

American Exceptionalism 15 Moral Lepers and Moral Heroes Ilinden and Self-Reliance
Published 06.07.2011 Published 13.07.2011 Published 20.07.2011 Published 27.07.2011

Is NATO Relevant?
Published 29.06.2011

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