• A place at the table for Macedonia | September, 2010
• Morten Harket Sings a New Song | November, 2007
• Bryan Ferry in a New Town | October, 2007
• In Search of a Midnight Sun | June, 2006
• Decade | June, 2006
• The Leadership of Ronald Reagan | June, 2004
• Where the Monks Drive Range Rovers | December, 2000


Some years ago I began writing short essays and vignettes as a project to keep me entertained and somewhat sane while I was living full time in Macedonia. It was also a bit therapeutic, having to live with and watch the often negative effects of foreign policy I disagree with. The result is scores of articles some of which will be posted here on this site. Hopefully, they will also serve to entertain, enlighten and enliven. Or something like that.

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